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Eat Color

Eat Color is a Pop Up restaurant willing to create a real gastronomic experience around the the visual perception of food. While working on their monochromatic menus, the chefs will research, surprise and amaze by creating new matches between products, both attractive and tasteful. Read more

Where to savor the best Bagels in Brussels

By Lucie V.D.

The Bagel, this little round shaped bread, is becoming more and more famous ever since it arrived in our country, a few years back. Thanks to its succes, the number of snacks and restaurants adding them to their menus grows bigger every day, when five years ago, it was nearly impossible to find them in Brussels.

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Space Invaders in Brussels

By Geraldine E.

The Space Invaders you know? They invaded Brussels since early March 2012 These little monsters are made of mosaics inspired by the popular video game of the same name written by the French artist, urban art "Invader".

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